Maina tries desperately to navigate his half-dead, half-alive predicament of an existence, all while still fighting off his darkest demons until an unforeseen organization seeks him out to help rectify a souring precursor for war amongst the various factions of supernatural beings that occupy the strange city of Onika. But while he doesn’t

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call them friends, but necessary allies, he and they must eventually hunt down the severed pieces of a severed puzzle to stop a crazed extremist from threatening the lives of millions of people.
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In a precolonial predated era, Africa stood tall with some of the greatest empires and dynasties ever before seen on the planet. Civilizations the likes of Egypt (with her maiden native name, Kemet) served as cultural centers, and as well existed too other nations like Kush and Mali much later on.

Empires of Ebony and Ivory entails a series of gritty tellings of tales from a past untold of the Dark Continent. The series will contain 3 or 4 books each narrating the ventures surrounding the political and magical unrest in the realm of Xarona, now known to be the Sahara region.

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